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Ristorante Da Corrado

Passion and love for cooking since 1957

How often do we go to a place and take it for granted, as if it existed because it had to? On the contrary, everything has a history and a reason for being: a chair or a table may seem like simple things, but in reality there are people who have longed for that chair and that table, who have sighed for them, who have loved them to the end; it is as if their own blood flows in them. This is the case of the Ristorante Da Corrado in Via Foria, one of the most famous and excellent restaurants in Naples. The temple of the mussel soup, a monument that stands out among the magnificent first and second courses of seafood, the genuine Neapolitan appetizers, the country cuisine and the genuine Neapolitan pizza.


Corrado and Adelina: it all started with them...

If the dishes of the Ristorante Da Corrado are famous in Naples and beyond, the story of the great love that united Corrado Giannuzzi Savelli and Adelina Carrano, the founders of the restaurant, is almost unknown. He, a descendant of an important aristocratic family, gave up everything, even the most menial jobs, to be with her and to stand up against the families who, in those years, had the power of life and death over young people. A love, theirs, against the last, but that, among a thousand experiences and sacrifices, will finally lead, in 1957, to the realization of the dream: the opening of the restaurant Da Corrado.


The "founder" of mussel soup in Via Foria

It all started with mussel soup, then caponata, frittura and, a few years later, pasta. Adelina took care of the cooking, while Corrado took care of the shopping and was therefore well known in town. Two very humble people, Adelina and Corrado, who were able to teach their children the importance of hard work and sacrifice.

A family passion

Today the business is run by the young and enterprising grandson Pietro who, with skill and professionalism, runs the restaurant with the same passion and dedication passed on to him by his grandfather Corrado and grandmother Adelina.

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