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Mussel soup in Naples

Mussel soup in Naples

Would you like to taste an excellent mussel soup in Naples? The restaurant Da Corrado is waiting for you in the heart of the historical center to let you taste the best mussel soup you have ever had. Between seafood tastings and fritters, in the warm and informal atmosphere of the tavern, the wait for our quintessential dish will be very pleasant indeed.


A long tradition

Maundy Thursday mussel soup is one of the most important dishes in Campania's food and wine tradition, typical of the Easter season, but prepared all year round because it is easy to make. It is a tasty and simple recipe made with a few easily available ingredients: mussels, hot chili peppers, with a base of freselle, oil, tomato and garlic. To the basic preparation you can then add sea snails (maruzzielli) and, if you prefer, octopus.

To taste a very tasty mussel soup in Naples, we are waiting for you at Via Michele Tenore, 2, every day from 12.00 to 3.30 pm and from 7.00 pm to 00.30 am.

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