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Seafood specialties in Naples

First courses, main courses and excellent pizzas


First courses

"Da Corrado" is the perfect destination for those who are in Naples and want to discover the authentic flavors of the local seafood cuisine. In fact, we specialize in the preparation of seafood specialties in Naples and offer, both for lunch and dinner, fish dishes typical of Campania cuisine, skillfully revisited in a modern key. Our courses can be accompanied by a rich and careful selection of local and national wines.

Main courses

As for the main courses, we always rely on the catch of the day, which we grill or bake for a truly unique and inimitable flavor.



Of course, you cannot miss the undisputed queen of Neapolitan cuisine: the pizza. Here, tradition and love for the raw materials of the territory allow us to find the right formula to enhance the excellence of the table and satisfy our customers. Every pizza has a story, and every story must be told in the right way...

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